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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] docs: add misc/qemu-backends.txt

On 08/04/16 20:27, Andrew Cooper wrote:
>>>> +Xenstore the backend information is presented there. <qemu> is built
>>> That looks to be missing an verb, no it has a verb, something is off with
>>> that.
>>> XenStore presents the backend information there?
>> No, qemu is presenting the information in Xenstore.
> "Xenstore" is not the start of the sentence - it follows on from the
> previous line, but even as a native English speaker it took me a while
> to figure out.
> A comma should be present (i.e. "As $FOO, $BAR relating to $FOO"), and
> it would aid clarity.
> +As each qemu instance owns a path (named "<qemu>" from now on) in
> +Xenstore, the backend information is presented there. <qemu> is built

Will do it.


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