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Re: [Xen-devel] Fixing libvirt's libxl driver breakage -- where to define LIBXL_API_VERSION?

Wei Liu wrote:
> Hi libvirt maintainers,

Sorry for the delay. Slowly catching up on mail after vacation...

> Xen's control library libxenlight (libxl) requires application
> (libvirt in this case) to explictily define LIBXL_API_VERSION.

Where is this requirement written? :-)

> This is
> lacking at the moment so libvirt's libxl driver always gets the latest
> APIs.

IMO, that is what we want for upstream libvirt. Downstreams can choose a
specific version if they want.

> We changed one of the APIs in libxl so libvirt's libxl driver
> can't build at the moment.

A quick glance ahead in my libvirt mail tells me you fixed this with the
preferred LIBXL_HAVE_* pattern.


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