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[Xen-devel] [HACKATHON] PVH session note

* HVMlite domu support, some emulation in hypervisor, some modes to consider:

| lapic | ioapic | pit | pic | hpet | pm timer | rtc | comments |
| n     | n      | n   | n   | n    | n        | n   |        0 |
| y     | n      | n   | n   | n    | n        | n   |        1 |
| y     | y      | n   | n   | n    | n        | n   |        2 |

0. useful for unikernel

1. sensible default -- Andrew and others, lapic part of the cpu core,
   others belong to platform

2. pci passthrough and dom0 configuration, use native way as much as
   possible, need to implement pci emulation in xen. Andrew: major
   portion in xen already. Jan: doubt that. Roger: need to construct
   acpi table for guest (boris sent patches already)

Roger: dom0 should use #2, simplify event handling (no need to use
physdev op), acpi tables same as on native and manipulated as needed.

Anderw: invent an acpi table that looks like rsdt pointer, let dom0
refers to.

Korand: no need, it already works.

Anderw: dom0 has access to all tables other than dmar. (only hidden,
dom0 could still access it if tries hard)

(drifted to acpi talks with too many tables names involved)

Everyone please read the manuals / references to understand what's required or

* A new entry point for both dom0 and domu?

No conclusion reached. The discussion will continue.

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