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[Xen-devel] [RFC] Minor change to governance document at http://www.xenproject.org/developers/governance.html

Hi all,

following the recent process to elect new maintainers and committers, 
I would like to suggest the following minor change to our governance 
document. I believe the process we ran recently worked well, so we 
should change the governance accordingly. I don't think we need to 
change the governance to remind the community at least annually of 
the process, but we should use the appointments@ alias, such that 
community members can nominate new committers in private.

Here is the relevant snippet from 
Committer Elections

Developers who have earned the trust of committers in their project 
(including the project lead) can through election be promoted to 
[the (including the project lead) makes no sense]

Committer. A two stage mechanism is used

* Nomination: A committers should nominate a community member publicly 
              Community members should nominate candidates by posting 
              a proposal to appointments at xenproject dot org                  

explaining the candidate's contributions to the project and thus why 
they should be elected 

as a maintainer on the project's public mailing list. 

to become a Committer of the project.
[Typo: this should have been Committer in the first place]

The nomination should include a project, cite evidence such as patches  
[the "include a project" makes no sense]
and other contributions where the case is not obvious. 
Committers will review all proposals, check whether the nominee 
would be willing to accept the nomination and publish suitable 
nominations on the project's public mailing list for wider 
community input.

In the nomination e-mail, we can then use what we used in 
== Providing Feedback ==
We are inviting community members to provide comments regarding the 
nomination of <PERSON>. As feedback may be personal and may make 
nominees uncomfortable, we are asking you to provide feedback by 
sending a private mail to appointments at xenproject dot org *before* 
<DATE> (please do *not* CC xen-devel@). 

If you want to congratulate the nominee, it is of course OK to do 
this in public. Please use your judgement and common sense.

This is in line with what we have done earlier this month, and seems
to be a better approach than requiring discussions about nominations
to be public from the beginning. Public discussions about a 
candidates track record may necessarily become personal and thus may 
prevent good candidates from being nominated.

Any views?

Best Regards

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