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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] delte PAGE_ORDER_1G in pod

>>>> i think p2m_is_ram(t) , ram also from pod cache,
>>> No, that's memory from the guest's p2m table.  The p2m table can have 1G
>> right..
>> sorry , i did not write clearly.
>> i mean: ram come like this:
>> - pod cache is 4K or 2M
>> - ram get from pod cache
>> - set ram to p2m table.
>> so i think p2m table is 4K or 2M.
>Oh, right, I see -- a guest booted in PoD mode would normally only have
>2M or 4k entries, since that's how they get filled in.
>But there's nothing preventing someone coming up with a new domain
>builder that comes with some 1G entries filled in already.  Nor is there
pod mode?
i think, in pod mode,
- a new domain builder, no mem is populate,
- when ept violation, populate mem from pod cache ,
   - set ept entries

so i think, a new domain builder, will have no 1G entries..

>anything stopping a guest ballooning out a 1G region, then ballooning it
>back in (hoping to get a full 1G entry), and then ballooning it out
>again, causing Xen to potentially leak memory.
>I haven't checked to see whether any of that is actually feasible or
>not, but four lines of code is a small price to pay to not have to worry
>about it. :-)
i am not worry about this.
now, i am study pod + balloon + memory.
so i want to know if i am right about pod + balloon + memory :)
> -George

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