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[Xen-devel] Questions about the new usb hotplug code in libxl and about adding hotplug (with qmp) usbredir tcp channels

Hi, I took a look at the new pvusb hotplug code in libxl to try to add also hotplug (with qmp) usbredir tcp channels. Adding usbredir tcp channels at domU start requires for example adding qemu parameters like these: "-chardev socket,id=charredir4,host=,port=40000 -device usb-redir,chardev=charredir4,id=redir4". It is possible to hotplug it with qmp using "chardev-add" and "device_add" commands. Looking at old George Dunlap's patches I tested years ago (http://xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=people/gdunlap/xen.git;a=commitdiff;h=f7a77843e3fcf070c72115be8ed349a3bfe34e60) I can understand what they do and I can add similar qmp functions for usbredir tcp too. But now I see that bigger and different usb hotplug code was added, I looked at these patches:
and the full current code in xen's staging branch but I didn't find qmp commands for the qemu usb passthrough, I suppose it is missing or incomplete (though strange), am I wrong? If that is correct, pvusb drivers are needed for both host and domU to have usb passthrough working but in new windows pv drivers, the pvusb one is missing, so without the "qemu emulated" usb passthrough it doesn't work at all in similar cases, right?

How do you think I should proceed to implement hotplug usbredir tcp channels in libxl?

Thanks for any reply and my bad English.

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