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[Xen-devel] [HACKATHON 2016] Mini-OS on ARM

[Apologies for the late send]

Mini-OS on ARM

This session covered mini-os bringup on 64-bit ARM platforms.
The following points arose during discussion:

*) 32-bit Mini-OS may have bit-rotted
  o) Some memory addresses may have been hard-coded for instance.
  o) The memory map in Xen can change between releases.

*) To boot one would need page tables and a gic set-up
  o) The FreeBSD interrupt controller code was deemed incompatible for
  o) page table pages should be mapped as cacheable
  o) Non-cacheable accesses will be re-routed to Xen? This is in the
     Xen architecture document?

*) There is some ambiguity about which Mini-OS tree to use?
  o) Contact Wei to clarify which tree is the right one to work on.

*) There is a hypercall interface to help debug guests
  o) Details in xen/arch/arm/traps.c

*) Other things discussed in this session
  o) Some previous suspend/resume work can be found from Ian Campbell
     in the xen-devel archive
  o) Julien to send link?
  o) A log-dirty pages implementation is missing and is needed for live
     migration, an early implementation of this was not SMP compliant
  o) big.LITTLE support is currently tricky as one has to track the
     errata of all the cores
  o) This is tricky as the guest OS kernel typically needs to know
     a-priori about all the core types (to enable errata handling)
  o) But this contradicts the Xen pool structure that currently does
     not support straddling pools.


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