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[Xen-devel] [HACKATHON 2016] PCI Passthrough on ARM

[Apologies for the late send]

PCI Passthrough on ARM

In this session Julien Grall talked through an older PCI design
document from xen-devel.

The following points arose during discussion:

*) On ARM everything is initialised in Dom0 whilst on x86 the
   hypervisor initialises everything.
*) PCI passthrough on ARM should be interrupt controller agnostic
   (i.e. work under both GICv2m and GICv3+ITS).
*) Work is needed on SMMU, it may be necessary to unshare some mappings.
*) If possible, the SMMU driver should be sync-ed with the one in the
   Linux kernel.
*) Dom0 should not be in charge of the HW, it passes Xen some info
   unavailable from ACPI.
  o) For example, AML methods need to go via Dom0 whilst tables such as
     IORT can be parsed by hypervisor.
*) BDF->DeviceID mappings (used by GICv3 ITS) needs to match in both
   hypervisor and Dom0.
*) The PCI pass through document needs to be revised before patches can
   be authored.
*) Discussion on the PCI pass through document can continue on the
   xen-devel list.


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