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Re: [Xen-devel] panic("queue invalidate wait descriptor was not executed\n")

>>> On 11.05.16 at 15:51, <Kelly.Zytaruk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> During Xen boot I am seeing the panic in the subject line from 
> .../xen/drivers/passthrough/vgt/qinval.c

And this is with current staging, or some much older version of Xen?
(ISTR some issue with the invalidation request getting sent to the
wrong IOMMU, leading to a timeout.)

> From the Fault Status Register (= 0x40 (ITE)). I am seeing a hardware 
> timeout on the invalidate
> Disabling queued invalidation is not an option.  I need to find out why the 
> operation is timing out and fix it.  
> I found two timeouts; one in software and one in hardware. 
> After the invalidate is submitted there is a wait packet submitted and the 
> boot software waits for the wait packet to complete in a loop with a software 
> timeout.  At the end of the software timeout it issues the panic.  I can 
> increase the software timeout but it still doesn't solve the problem.  Just 
> before the panic I dump the value of the Fault Status Register and I see that 
> the hardware has already timed out (FSTS_REG = 0x40 = ITE = "Invalidation 
> Timeout Error").  As a first step in solving this I would like to increase 
> the hardware timeout value.
> I have the Intel spec and I was reading from the spec...
> " Hardware starts an invalidation completion timer for this ITag, and issues 
> the invalidation request message to the specified endpoint. If the 
> invalidation command from software is for a first-level mapping, the 
> invalidation request message is generated with the appropriate PASID prefix 
> to identify the target PASID. The invalidation completion time-out value is 
> recommended to be sufficiently larger than the PCI-Express read completion 
> time-outs. "
> The above leads me to believe that there should be some way of setting the 
> invalidation completion time-out value.  Unfortunately I couldn't find 
> anything in the Intel spec that tells me how to set the "invalidation 
> completion time-out".   Can someone point me in the right direction to 
> setting the completion timer?

For this I guess you should have Cc-ed the VT-d maintainers, which
I have now done.


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