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Re: [Xen-devel] Problem Reading from XenStore in DomU

Dagaen Golomb writes:

> It does, being the custom kernel on version 4.1.0. But Dom0 uses this same
> exact kernel and reads/writes just fine! The only solution if this is
> indeed the problem appears to be changing the kernel source we build on or
> some hacky method such as symlinking /proc/.. to /dev/.., there has to be
> an elegant real solution to this...

When I was chasing down a similar problem back in August, I discovered
that Dom0 accesses XenStore through a unix domain socket and not through
the kernel interface, so hitting it through xenstore-ls always seemed to
work. That is why Dom0 reads/writes to XenStore ok with the same kernel
that fails for your DomU. When I moved XenStore to a stubdomain, I /did/
see the problem in Dom0 with new enough kernels, which is why the
XenStore access library was changed to prefer the dev device instead of
the proc file.

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