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[Xen-devel] [Vote Results] Minor change to governance document at http://www.xenproject.org/developers/governance.html (Vote before May 16th)

Hi all,

please find below the tally of the following vote 
covering the attached change to our governance

5 votes (3 from Hypervisor Committers, 2 from XAPI committers), all with +1, so 
it carries

Best Regards

The modified section will look like

Committer Elections

Developers who have earned the trust of committers in their project 
can through election be promoted to Committer. A two stage mechanism 
is used

* Nomination: Community members should nominate candidates by posting 
              a proposal to appointments at xenproject dot org                  
              explaining the candidate's contributions to the project 
              and thus why they should be elected to become a Committer 
              of the project. The nomination should cite evidence such 
              as patches and other contributions where the case is not 
              obvious. Existing Committers will review all proposals, 
              check whether the nominee would be willing to accept the 
              nomination and publish suitable nominations on the project's 
              public mailing list for wider community input.


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