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[Xen-devel] [BUG] IGD-PT doesn't work on Skylake-S client

Bug detailed description:
1. Create a rhel7.1 guest with IGD-PT on SKL-S client , login guest and run 
3D(nexuiz) , opencl(beignet) , media(transcode ,encode,decode) test , all test 
are run failed .
2. All these test could run pass on Boardwell-UP platform .
3. The SKL-H client and BDW-UP platform are using the same hard disk to test .

Environment :
HW: Skylake-S
Xen: Xen 4.7.0 RC3
Dom0: Linux 4.6.0

Reproduce steps:
1.Install redhat 6.7 OS on Skylake-S client as base OS , then compile and 
install  ,xen and Dom0, reboot from xen .
2.Create a rhel7.1 guest (include 3D, OpenCL ,Media SDK) with IGD-PT .
        Hide graphic  device by : xl pci-assignable-add 00:02.0
        Create guest by : xl create config-hvm.log
3.Login guest and run 3D , OpenCL , Media test .

Current result:
All 3D ,Opencl ,Media test are failed on Skylake-S client .

Base error log:
I attached both Boardwell-UP and Skylake-S test log .


Attachment: bdw-up-rhel7.1-guest-dmesg.log
Description: bdw-up-rhel7.1-guest-dmesg.log

Attachment: BDW-UP-rhel7.1-gurest-render.log
Description: BDW-UP-rhel7.1-gurest-render.log

Attachment: bdw-up-rhel7-guest-Xorg.0.log
Description: bdw-up-rhel7-guest-Xorg.0.log

Attachment: bdw-up-xldmesg.log
Description: bdw-up-xldmesg.log

Attachment: config-hvm.log
Description: config-hvm.log

Attachment: SKL-H-rhel7.1-guest-dmesg.log
Description: SKL-H-rhel7.1-guest-dmesg.log

Attachment: skl-h-rhel7.1-guest-render.log
Description: skl-h-rhel7.1-guest-render.log

Attachment: skl-h-rhel7-guest-Xorg.0.log
Description: skl-h-rhel7-guest-Xorg.0.log

Attachment: skl-h-xldmesg.log
Description: skl-h-xldmesg.log

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