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Re: [Xen-devel] Basic bare metal ARM domain interface


Jullien, thanks for docs and references. 

I used FreeRTOS code for console output. It is based on Mini OS code. There are 
two problems as I've determined with debugging. First is that vsnprintf blocks 
for some reason in print function so i commented it out. After the hypercall 
function blocked as well. I modified hypercall function so it looks like this:

(void)HYPERVISOR_console_io(CONSOLEIO_write, 3, "yes");

hoping to get "yes" as output..., but this blocked as well.

xenctx output after HYPERVISOR_console_io:

PC:       4000828c
CPSR:     200001d7
USR:               SP:00000000 LR:00000000
SVC: SPSR:00000000 SP:4011bff4 LR:4000a37f
FIQ: SPSR:00000000 SP:40124200 LR:00000000
IRQ: SPSR:00000000 SP:40120200 LR:00000000
ABT: SPSR:200001f7 SP:40008140 LR:3f741306
UND: SPSR:00000000 SP:4012c200 LR:00000000

 r0_usr: 4000815f        r1_usr: 00000000        r2_usr: 40008160
 r3_usr: 4000815c        r4_usr: ffffa338        r5_usr: 4000c948
 r6_usr: 00000000        r7_usr: 4000a53c        r8_usr: 00000000
 r9_usr: 00000000       r10_usr: 00000065       r11_usr: 00000000
r12_usr: 00000000

 r8_fiq: 00000000
 r9_fiq: 00000000       r10_fiq: 00000000       r11_fiq: 00000000
r12_fiq: 00000000

SCTLR: 00c50078
TTBCR: 0000000000000000
TTBR0: 0000000000000000
TTBR1: 0000000000000000

r10 = 101, I used it for debugging, to locate code where it is stuck. What 
could it be?

Thanks in advance,

Ivan Pavic.

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