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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 1/1] xen: move TLB-flush filtering out into populate_physmap during vm creation

Thank you all very much for the feedback. I will address them in the next

> > Did you go through and check that there is nothing this information
> > can already get derived from? I can't immediately point you at
> > anything, but it feels like there should. 
> >
> Indeed. And if there isn't and we need to do add our own flagging,
> isn't there a better way and place where to put it (e.g., what Juergen
> and Andrew are hinting at)?

I prefer that to derive whether guest boot finishes is neither limited to a
specific domain type (pv, hvm, pvhvm or pvh) nor a specific arch (i386, x86_64,
arm32, arm64 or more in the future). Ideally, I would have one or a combo of
fields belong to "struct domain" but there isn't.

Can we use the field in vcpu[0]? How about domain->vcpu[0]->last_run_time?  The
only line of code updating the field is in function "schedule":

1411    prev->last_run_time = now;

I am afraid if there would be any existing (I did not find one) or future
interfaces that can reset the entire vcpu[0] to 0.

Dongli Zhang

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