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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 00/16] x86: split insn emulator decode and execution

>>> On 28.09.16 at 09:59, <JBeulich@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 01: x86emul: split instruction decoding from execution
> 02: x86emul: fetch all insn bytes during the decode phase
> 03: x86emul: track only rIP in emulator state
> 04: x86emul: complete decoding of two-byte instructions
> 05: x86emul: add XOP decoding
> 06: x86emul: add EVEX decoding
> 07: x86emul: generate and make use of a canonical opcode representation
> 08: SVM: use generic instruction decoding
> 09: x86/32on64: use generic instruction decoding
> 10: x86/PV: split out dealing with CRn from privileged instruction handling
> 11: x86/PV: split out dealing with DRn from privileged instruction handling
> 12: x86/PV: split out dealing with MSRs from privileged instruction handling
> 13: x86emul: support XSETBV
> 14: x86emul: sort opcode 0f01 special case switch() statement
> 15: x86/PV: use generic emulator for privileged instruction handling
> 16: x86emul: don't assume a memory operand

Several of the patches don't really depend on (all) earlier ones. It is
in particular patch 12 which I'd really appreciate if it could go in rather
sooner than later, due to it otherwise being unduly cumbersome for
me to make further changes in this area (as was e.g. required for
and which is not all that unlikely to become necessary).

I'll also refrain from posting a v2 of the follow-up series until that one
did actually get looked at (or until a meaningful part of the series here
has gone in).

Thanks, Jan

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