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Re: [Xen-devel] Missing bits for production usage (was: [PATCH v5 00...)

Roger Pau Monne writes ("Missing bits for production usage (was: [PATCH v5 
> A script to mark/unmark a $flight.$job as blessed. Marking a
> $flight.$job as blessed means that it's build output is never deleted
> from osstest storage, a proposed command line would be:

We can't call it "blessed" because that's something else.  Best I
could come with with is "anointed" but maybe we will think of
something better.

Suggested design:

Each flavour of anointment is represented by a row in tasks:

 type      anoint
 refkey    <scope> <details...>
   the flavour, eg   freebsd build <bsdbranch> <arch>
 username  NULL
 comment   <for human consumption>
 live      t
 refinfo   keep=<number to keep>

Each anointment is represented by a row in resources:

 restype    'share-flight'
 resname    <flight>
 shareix    <incrementing integer>
 owntaskid  <the anointment flavour taskid>
 subtask    <job>

So originally we do something like:

  ./mg-anoint prepare --keep=3 'freebsd build master amd64' 'FreeBSD builds'

which I guess should be done by mg-branch-setup.

> ./mg-freebsd-modify-blessed <$flight.$job> <arch> <branch> <bless/unbless>

  ./mg-anoint anoint "freebsd build $bsdbranch $arch" $flight $job

This would clean out older anointments, in a single db transaction.

> A script to fetch the latest current blessed flight:
> ./mg-freebsd-get-blessed <arch> <branch>

How about

  ./mg-anoint retrieve "freebsd build $bsdbranch $arch"

which prints "$flight $job".

> In cr-daily-branch upon successful completion the following will be
> executed in order to changed the blessed build:
> previous=./mg-freebsd-get-blessed <arch> <branch>
> ./mg-freebsd-modify-blessed $flight.build-freebsd-$arch $branch bless
> ./mg-freebsd-modify-blessed $previous.build-freebsd-$arch $branch unbless
> FWIW, I'm not 100% sure the unblessing of the previous flight should
> be done here, maybe it would be better to perform it in one of the
> cleanup scripts?

mg-anoint anoint should do that based on the keep value.


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