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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V1 1/1] Xen/libxl: Perform PCI reset using 'reset' SysFS attribute

In which case, xl needs to be backwards-compatible with kernels that
don't have your new feature: it will have to check for %s/reset, and
if it's not there, then try %/do_flr.
I think this fix was planned more than a year back and even we pushed libxl
("do_flr" SysFSattribute) but linux kernel fix was not integrated for some
Now, we are revisitingboth linux kernel and libxl changes. In other-words,
"do_flr" change is not being usedtoday since we don't have required code
in the linux kernel.
Are you saying do_flr doesn't exist at all in any version of Linux,
and as such the line you're removing is currently pointless?
Yes, that's correct. In other-words, it will not break any existing code
or functionality.


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