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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v7 00/16] xen: xen-domid-restrict improvements

This series provides necessary support for running qemu as a Xen
device model without power equivalent to root.  In particular, it
makes -xen-domid-restrict effective.

Compared to v7, it addresses review comments.  As a result, it has
grown a couple of new cleanup patches, including a few that I tacked
on the end which weren't strictly necessary but which I thought people
would appreciate.

  m    01/16 checkpatch: Add xendevicemodel_handle to the list of
  + r  02/16 AccelClass: Introduce accel_setup_post
     a 03/16 xen: link against xentoolcore
     a 04/16 xen: restrict: use xentoolcore_restrict_all
  * -  05/16 xen: defer call to xen_restrict until just before
     a 06/16 xen: destroy_hvm_domain: Move reason into a variable
     a 07/16 xen: move xc_interface compatibility fallback further
    r  08/16 xen: destroy_hvm_domain: Try xendevicemodel_shutdown
  +    09/16 os-posix: cleanup: Replace fprintfs with error_report
  m    10/16 os-posix: Provide new -runas <uid>:<gid> facility
     a 11/16 xen: Use newly added dmops for mapping VGA memory
       12/16 xen: Remove now-obsolete xen_xc_domain_add_to_physmap
     a 13/16 xen: Expect xenstore write to fail when restricted
  +    14/16 os-posix: cleanup: Replace fprintf with error_report in
  +    15/16 os-posix: cleanup: Replace perror with error_report
       16/16 configure: do_compiler: Dump some extra info under bash

 m = commit message (only) changed
 r = reviewed (by someone other than me)
 a = acked
 - = reviewed-by/acked-by dropped due to changes
 + = new patch
 * = amended patch

I'd particularly like to draw attention to what is now patch 12/16 and
16/16 which have been posted before but remained unreviewed.

Thanks for your attention.


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