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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v1 1/2] Add new add_maintainers.pl script to optimise the workflow when using git format-patch with get_maintainer.pl

Added Anthony as he highlighted the issue which led to the creation of the tool
Otherwise I played a little bit more on various series I worked on in the past 
and there are minor niggles in its usage

On 27/04/2018, 10:31, "Lars Kurth" <lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    +  --p|prefix (e.g. --prefix v2)
    +    Choose patch files with a specific prefix

I am thinking of renaming this to --r|reroll-count=<number> as this would make 
the tool more
consistent with git format-patch and would make automation easier

    +  --a|args
    +    Arguments passed on to $get_maintainer
    +  --v|verbose
    +    Show more output
    +  --version
    +    Show version
    +  --o|overwrite
    +    Overwrites *.patch file (but makes a backup), whereas teh default
    +    creates a new *.mpatch file

I think I will make -o the default, as once you get used to the tool the 
renaming of files is a little annoying.
Also, instead of using --nooverwrite, I was thinking of canning --overwrite 
and replacing it by --dry-run as this is consistent with git send-mail. In that 
case, the *.patchm files get 
created and can be looked at, by those which are less confident.

Maybe add a warning or a user prompt, when an existing *.patch~ file would be 
overwritten, to prevent
accidental application of the tool (when that had already been done). 
Typically, this could happen when
you store several patch versions in one directory and forget the --prefix 
option. This would also prompt
a warning if someone had manually edited the file with an editor that creates a 
backup (which many do
via ~).

Any views?


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