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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for-4.11 v2 2/2] Add new add_maintainers.pl script to optimise the workflow when using git format-patch with get_maintainer.pl

Lars Kurth writes ("Re: [PATCH for-4.11 v2 2/2] Add new add_maintainers.pl 
script to optimise the workflow when using git format-patch with 
> On 02/05/2018, 11:50, "Ian Jackson" <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     If the address is a mailing list for some other stanza in MAINTAINERS,
>     ie for a stanza whose files are not touched by this patch, then it
>     should still be treated as a list.
>     So what I meant was that you should search the whole of MAINTAINERS
>     yourself for all the L: lines, regardless of where they appear.
> But that is exactly what get_maintainers.pl --nom --nor does

  mariner:xen.git> scripts/get_maintainer.pl --nom --nor
  scripts/get_maintainer.pl: missing patchfile or -f file - use --help if 

It requires a patch.  But for this purpose, we don't want any patch.

>     That avoids calling get_maintainer.pl twice too, so helpfully the
>     other difficulties you discuss go away.
> I suppose it does. But it also makes the script re-implement bits
> of get_maintainers.pl 

Finding lines starting with L: is so simple that I wouldn't bother
calling get_maintainer.pl for it.

>     > We could make this configurable:
>     > Default: all tags, except signed-off-by (unless of course this should 
> be added to the CC)
>     Why not CC the S-o-b ?  Usually that will be the author anyway.
> I wasn't sure. 
> Particularly if you used -i ccbody, which we agreed in another mail should
> be the default, you then will end up with
> CC: lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx
> ...
> Signed-off-by: lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx
> Which would annoy me personally.

Ideally no-one should be mentioned in the CC that is mentioned in some
other tag.

  CC: lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx
  Tested-by: lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx

is just as silly.

>     > An option such as --mytags "reviewed-by: release-acked-by: tested-by: 
> ..."
>     That would be a fancy feature, certainly.  How about
>        --tag original-author
>     which would add "Original-Author:" to the set of things recognised,
>     and can be repeated, and
>        --no-by-tags
>     which suppresses "...-by" from the list.  So your example would be
>        --no-by-tags --tag reviewed-by --tag release-acked-by --tag tested-by
> How do I handle multiple --tag options in GetOptions

Search for "options with multiple values" in the FM.

> So I am thinking of addressing core features and the rest as separate oatches.



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