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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen and safety certification, Minutes of the meeting on Apr 4th

On Thu, 10 May 2018, Praveen Kumar wrote:
> > Yeah, you are right. It looks like turning Dom0 into a DomU is not good
> > enough. Maybe for this option to be viable we would actually have to
> > terminate (or pause and never unpause?) dom0 after boot.
> Just a thought !
> How about keeping Dom0 still be there, but DomUs given Dom0 privilege, with
> restricted permission on mission critical resources ? And if anyhow Dom0
> crashes,
> the best contended among the existing DomUs take the ownership of Dom0 ?

I don't think this is easily doable, also it wouldn't solve the issue of
removing dom0 from the system. But see below.

> > > However, you surely need an entity to handle domain crash. You don't
> want to
> > > reboot your platform (and therefore you safety critical domain) for a
> crashed
> > > UI, right? So how this is going to be handled in your option?
> > We need to understand the certification requirements better to know the
> > answer to this. I am guessing that UI crashes are not handled from the
> > certification point of view -- maybe we only need to demonstrate that
> > the system is not affected by them?
> Where can we find the certification requirements details ?

Yes, I think we need to understand the requirements better to figure out
the right way forward for Dom0.

For instance, here is another idea: we could have Xen boot multiple
domains at boot time from device tree, as suggested in the dom0-less
approach. All of the domains booted from Xen are "mission-critical". The
first domain could still be dom0. Once booted, Dom0 can start other VMs,
however, Xen would restrict Dom0 from doing any operations affecting the
first set of mission-critical domains.

This way, we would get the flexibility of being able to start/stop
domains at run time, but at the same time we might still be able to
avoid certifications for Dom0, because Dom0 cannot affect the mission
critical applications.

Is this approach actually feasible? We need to read the requirements to
know. I am hoping Artem will chime in on this :-)

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