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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH] mm, oom: distinguish blockable mode for mmu notifiers

Am 02.07.2018 um 14:35 schrieb Michal Hocko:
On Mon 02-07-18 14:24:29, Christian König wrote:
Am 02.07.2018 um 14:20 schrieb Michal Hocko:
On Mon 02-07-18 14:13:42, Christian König wrote:
Am 02.07.2018 um 13:54 schrieb Michal Hocko:
On Mon 02-07-18 11:14:58, Christian König wrote:
Am 27.06.2018 um 09:44 schrieb Michal Hocko:
This is the v2 of RFC based on the feedback I've received so far. The
code even compiles as a bonus ;) I haven't runtime tested it yet, mostly
because I have no idea how.

Any further feedback is highly appreciated of course.
That sounds like it should work and at least the amdgpu changes now look
good to me on first glance.

Can you split that up further in the usual way? E.g. adding the blockable
flag in one patch and fixing all implementations of the MMU notifier in
follow up patches.
But such a code would be broken, no? Ignoring the blockable state will
simply lead to lockups until the fixup parts get applied.
Well to still be bisect-able you only need to get the interface change in
first with fixing the function signature of the implementations.
That would only work if those functions return -AGAIN unconditionally.
Otherwise they would pretend to not block while that would be obviously
incorrect. This doesn't sound correct to me.

Then add all the new code to the implementations and last start to actually
use the new interface.

That is a pattern we use regularly and I think it's good practice to do
But we do rely on the proper blockable handling.
Yeah, but you could add the handling only after you have all the
implementations in place. Don't you?
Yeah, but then I would be adding a code with no user. And I really
prefer to no do so because then the code is harder to argue about.

Is the split up really worth it? I was thinking about that but had hard
times to end up with something that would be bisectable. Well, except
for returning -EBUSY until all notifiers are implemented. Which I found
It at least makes reviewing changes much easier, cause as driver maintainer
I can concentrate on the stuff only related to me.

Additional to that when you cause some unrelated side effect in a driver we
can much easier pinpoint the actual change later on when the patch is

This way I'm pretty sure Felix and I can give an rb on the amdgpu/amdkfd
If you are worried to give r-b only for those then this can be done even
for larger patches. Just make your Reviewd-by more specific
R-b: name # For BLA BLA
Yeah, possible alternative but more work for me when I review it :)
I definitely do not want to add more work to reviewers and I completely
see how massive "flag days" like these are not popular but I really
didn't find a reasonable way around that would be both correct and
wouldn't add much more churn on the way. So if you really insist then I
would really appreciate a hint on the way to achive the same without any
above downsides.
Well, I don't insist on this. It's just from my point of view that this
patch doesn't needs to be one patch, but could be split up.
Well, if there are more people with the same concern I can try to do
that. But if your only concern is to focus on your particular part then
I guess it would be easier both for you and me to simply apply the patch
and use git show $files_for_your_subystem on your end. I have put the
patch to attempts/oom-vs-mmu-notifiers branch to my tree at

Not wanting to block something as important as this, so feel free to add an Acked-by: Christian König <christian.koenig@xxxxxxx> to the patch.

Let's rather face the next topic: Any idea how to runtime test this?

I mean I can rather easily provide a test which crashes an AMD GPU, which in turn then would mean that the MMU notifier would block forever without this patch.

But do you know a way to let the OOM killer kill a specific process?


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