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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/6] x86: (allow to) suppress use of hyper-threading

I've been considering to add a respective command line option for
quite a long time, but never got around to. Now that the TLBleed
information is public[1], we're at a point where we not only want,
but need this, and where perhaps it needs to be the default on
affected systems. The first 4 patches are all prerequisites to the
5th one; the final one is simply cleanup.

1: cpupools: fix state when downing a CPU failed
2: x86: distinguish CPU offlining from CPU removal
3: x86/AMD: distinguish compute units from hyper-threads
4: x86: bring up all CPUs even if not all are supposed to be used
5: x86: command line option to avoid use of secondary hyper-threads
6: cpumask: tidy {,z}alloc_cpumask_var() 


[1] https://www.vusec.net/projects/tlbleed/

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