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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] automation: add SLES 11 SP4 dockerfile

On Tue, Jul 17, Wei Liu wrote:

> No OVMF because it requires gcc 4.4 or later.


> No seabios because it requires anonymous union initialisation

It is required to build Xen like that (with a custom compiler from gcc48.rpm):

test -x "$(type -p gcc)" && CC=$_
test -x "$(type -p gcc-4.8)" && CC=$_
make \
        CC=$CC \
        HOSTCC=$CC \

make \
        CC=$CC \
        GCC=$CC \
        HOSTCC=$CC \
        HOST_CC=$CC \
        BUILD_CC=$CC \
        tools stubdom

> No QEMU upstrea because sed doesn't support -E.

libvirt+QEMU upstream does not support SLE11 anymore due to the
requirement for a newer glib2. In case Xen wants to stick with qemu-2.12
for a while, SLE11 could still be tested for fun and education.


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