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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] automation: add SLES 11 SP4 dockerfile

On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 11:44:40AM +0200, Olaf Hering wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 17, Wei Liu wrote:
> > No OVMF because it requires gcc 4.4 or later.
> Fine.
> > No seabios because it requires anonymous union initialisation
> It is required to build Xen like that (with a custom compiler from gcc48.rpm):
> test -x "$(type -p gcc)" && CC=$_
> test -x "$(type -p gcc-4.8)" && CC=$_
> make \
>         CC=$CC \
>         HOSTCC=$CC \
>         xen
> make \
>         CC=$CC \
>         GCC=$CC \
>         HOSTCC=$CC \
>         HOST_CC=$CC \
>         BUILD_CC=$CC \
>         tools stubdom

I just pushed a new base image which contained gcc-4.8. Individual
developers can use the runes here if they care to build seabios.

Further adjustment to the build script is needed if we really care about
building seabios in gitlab CI. But we don't even know if we can run this
container on gitlab CI yet. :-)

> > No QEMU upstrea because sed doesn't support -E.
> libvirt+QEMU upstream does not support SLE11 anymore due to the
> requirement for a newer glib2. In case Xen wants to stick with qemu-2.12
> for a while, SLE11 could still be tested for fun and education.

I think the same principle mentioned above applies here as well.


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