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Re: [Xen-devel] [Notes for xen summit 2018 design session ] Testing/Building with Docker/GitLab

Since I came back from the summit, I built a bunch of new containers and
enabled building most components with gitlab CI. The docker base
solution is definitely more flexible than Travis in that you can
basically install whatever packages you want.

Doug's containerize script was also committed in tree to unify developer
and CI experience. Now a developer can use the same docker image in
gitlab CI to build test their changes. I also switched my pre-commit
build test to container-base, which works great for me.

As for Arm, I haven't done anything due to time constraint. But I
suspect most of the docker files can be easily adapted because there
isn't that much x86 specific thing in them.

We still haven't managed to get gitlab CI's emails to xen-devel. Not
sure why.

I have written a small script to smoke test Xen with QEMU. It is
very primitive, but it is better than nothing. I will find some time to
integrate that into gitlab as well.

I also wrote a small script to build every commit from a given range. It
would be possible to integrate that into gitlab CI as well, but that's
going to eat a lot of cpu time.


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