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Re: [Xen-devel] [Minios-devel] automation: Creating a patchwork instance to improve pre-commit build testing

>>> On 24.07.18 at 16:01, <george.dunlap@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I don't see what the problem is in having a single response to the
> thread saying that the test was run, the result of the run, and a link
> to a page about it.  It's certainly less mail than I get in the course
> of a normal review cycle about patch series I'm not interested in.
> I mean, suppose we just had a really enthusiastic contributor who made
> it their personal goal to test and build every patch that was sent to
> the list.  Would anyone really complain about a single extra mail per
> series, when a typical series generates dozens of human-generated mails
> anyway?

Well, I agree one can view at this from different angles. Your
perspective looks to be that with there already being so much
mail, a little more doesn't hurt. I'm on the position that every
unnecessary mail is a problem. For (long) series the one extra
mail perhaps is indeed not only tolerable but helpful (albeit even
there it would rather be one mail per version, which may
become increasingly pointless as only very small changes get
done between versions). For individual patches (one liners to
take the extreme) there often is just a single response with an
ack. The bot would increase that volume by a whopping 50%
(or 100% for anyone for their own patches).

With all this said, just to be clear: I'm not against improvements
here or anywhere else, but their price needs to be reasonable.


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