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[Xen-devel] Minutes of: Xen ARM Community Call Wednesday 25th July 9AM Pacific / 4PM UTC

Hi Everyone,

These are the notes I took during the meeting. Thanks for attending!



= Certifications =
Lars. Discussion at Xen Summit didn't go far because we didn't have any
concrete examples. Lars had a meeting with PRQA. The acquisition by
Perforce is completed. Lars sent all info by email last week to them,
they want to continue the engagement.

= Code reduction =
Completed, except for security support definition of the new kconfig

= FreeRTOS / Zephyr Dom0 =
Don't know the state given that Artem is not available.  Zephyr has a
two tiers membership system: the top tier is for the certification
efforts. The artifact produced by the certification efforts are only
available to the tier-1 members. Need to follow up.

= Dom0less =
Stefano explains the latest. Device assignment is supported.
ACTION: Gather more details on use-cases.

= vTPM =
We'll have a call on this topic to discuss next steps.

= Power Management =
Stefano is reviewing power management patches to do system suspend. They
are in a good state. Device power management is not supported.
EEMI vs SCMI support for cpufreq/device PM. Not clear the impact on Xen
to support multiple firmware interfaces.

= Virtio =
Julien: we are looking at graphics virtualization in ARM. Virtio has a
PV graphic solution already. The main problem with not using virtio is
that we have to duplicate the transport layer every time. We spend time
to get drivers running instead of improving the drivers. Can we get
virtio running on Xen?

Concern #1: virtio removes the separation between frontend and backend.
There is a work in progress idea to add the concept of an IOMMU to
virtio, so that the backend needs only to be allowed to map the pages
with IOMMU mappings. It wouldn't need to be able to map any page in the
system anymore. It might make driver domains possible. Stefano is
concerned about splitting the community.

Lars says that Genivi is talking about virtio. Christopher: if we are
going to use virtio, why not use KVM too?
ACTION: Christopher to join Genivi meetings to explain the issues with
Stefano: this is good because we want people to be informed and either
fix virtio or not use it at all.
Julien: Instead, they might simply not care about isolation.
Lars: No, they do care. During one of the last meetings they
highlighted isolation as a concern. The other concern is that the
emulators are QEMU based.

Genivi meeting and info:
Key Person: Gunnar Anderson

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