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Re: [Xen-devel] Does XEN ARM support RTC in domu?

Hi Julien,

> >>
> >>>
> >>> Just have a question, does XEN ARM support RTC in domu? To support
> >>> Android
> >> in DomU, RTC is needed for alarm, but I did not find information
> >> about RTC on xen for domu. So this need a new RTC paravirtualization 
> >> driver?
> Any suggestions?
> >>
> >> By RTC, do you mean Real-Time Clock? Something like PL031? Or do you
> >> have something else in mind?
> >
> > Yes, Real Time Clock like PL031 in DomU. I do not have a good idea
> > support RTC in ARM DomU, KVM and XEN x86 seems use emulated RTC in
> > qemu. Thinking of paravirtual RTC, and dom0 control the expire time for
> alarm.
> The PL031 is quite small (based on the QEMU version). So I think it would be 
> fine
> to provide an emulation in the hypervisor.

Ok. Just like the hvm x86, implement emulate PL031 inside XEN. I'll give a try.


> Cheers,
> --
> Julien Grall
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