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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/4] xen/arm: gic: Ensure we have an ISB between ack and do_IRQ()

  • To: Andre Przywara <andre.przywara@xxxxxxx>, Andrii Anisov <andrii.anisov@xxxxxxxxx>
  • From: Juergen Gross <jgross@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2018 14:53:38 +0100
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On 03/12/2018 14:46, Andre Przywara wrote:
> On 30/11/2018 19:52, Andrii Anisov wrote:
>> Hello Andre,
>> Please see my comments below:
>> On 23.11.18 14:18, Andre Przywara wrote:
>>> Fundamentally there is a semantic difference between edge and level
>>> triggered IRQs: When the guest has handled an *edge* IRQ (EOIed so
>>> the LR's state goes to 0), this is done and dusted, and Xen doesn't
>>> need to care about this anymore until the next IRQ occurs.> For level
>>> triggered IRQs, even though the guest has handled it, we need to
>>> resample the (potentially virtual) IRQ line, as it may come up or
>>> down at the *device*'s discretion: the interrupt reason might have
>>> gone away (GPIO condition no longer true), even before we were able
>>> to inject it, or there might be another interrupt reason not yet
>>> handled (incoming serial character while serving a transmit
>>> interrupt). Also typically it's up to the interrupt handler to
>>> confirm handling the interrupt, either explicitly by clearing an
>>> interrupt bit in some status register or implicitly, for instance by
>>> draining a FIFO, say on a serial device. So even though from the
>>> (V)GIC's point of view the interrupt has been processed (EOIed), it
>>> might still be pending.
>> So, as I understand the intended behavior of a vGIC for the level
>> interrupt is following cases:
>> 1. in case the interrupt line is still active from HW side, but
>>    interrupt handler from VM EOIs the interrupt, it should
>>    be signaled to vCPU by vGIC again
> yes
>> 2. in case a peripheral deactivated interrupt line, but VM did not
>>    activated it yet, this interrupt should be removed from pending for
>>    VM
> yes
>> IMO, case 1 is indirectly supported by old vgic. For HW interrupts its
>> pretty natural: deactivation by VM in VGIC leads to deactivation in
>> GIC, so the interrupt priority is restored and GIC will trap PCPU to
>> reinsert it. This will be seen by VM as immediate IRQ trap after EOI.
> Yes, this is true for hardware interrupts, and this lets the old VGIC
> get away with it.
> Virtual devices with level interrupt semantics are a different story,
> the SBSA UART has some hacks in it to support it properly.
>> Also Case 2 is not implemented in the old vgic. It is somehow
>> supported by new vgic, though it also relies on the trap to the
>> hypervisor to commit the update to LRs.
> Yes, and there is not so much we can do about it. But that's not a real
> problem, as you have this problem in bare metal, too.
>> But it's rather a problem of
>> GIC arch/implementation, which does not signal CPU nor updates
>> associated LR on level interrupt deassertion.
>>> My intimate "old Xen VGIC" knowledge has been swapped out from my
>>> brain meanwhile, but IIRC Xen treats every IRQ as if it would be an
>>> edge IRQ. Which works if the guest's interrupt handler behaves
>>> correctly. Most IRQ handlers have a loop to iterate over all possible
>>> interrupt reasons and process them, so the line goes indeed down
>>> before they EOI the IRQ.
>> I've spent some time to look through the new vgic implementation and I
>> have a note about it:
>> It's not clear why are you probing level interrupts on guest->hyp
>> transition. While it targets case 2 described above, it seems to be
>> more relevant to probe the level interrupts right before hyp->guest
>> transition. Because vcpu might be descheduled and while it hangs on
>> scheduler queues interrupt line level has more chances to be changed
>> by peripheral itself.
>> Also I'm pretty scared of new vgic locking scheme with per-irq locks
>> and locking logic i.e. in vgic_queue_irq_unlock() function.
> Well, you should be scared of the old VGIC locking scheme instead ;-)
> Apart from the vgic_queue_irq_unlock() function, the rest of the new
> locking scheme is much clearer. And it scales much better, as we have
> per-IRQ locks, which should virtually never be contended, and per-CPU
> locks, which are very rarely contended only, as it's mostly only taken
> by its own VCPU during entry and exit. There is no per-domain lock for
> the emulation anymore.
> I see that it's tempting to have an "easy" locking scheme, but that
> typically is either one-lock-to-rule-them-all, which doesn't scale, or
> doesn't cover corner cases.
> You should always prefer correctness over performance, otherwise you
> just fail faster ;-)
>> Also sorting
>> list in vgic_flush_lr_state() with vgic_irq_cmp() looks very
>> expensive.
> Yes, but effectively this virtually never happens, as you have rarely
> more than four pending IRQs at the same time.
> I had patches lying around to improve this part, just never got around
> to post, especially with only little rationale.
> If you are interested, I can dig them out, though I am not sure how
> relevant this is.
>> But, for sure all that stuff performance should be properly evaluated
>> and measured.
> Indeed. Can you hack something into Xen to get some statistics on those
> cases? I am not sure if Xen has something to trace lock contention, but
> you could easily add some counters to track how many LRs we actually
> use, to see if this is actually a problem in your case.
> I think PERFCOUNTER is your friend.

CONFIG_LOCK_PROFILE and xen-lockprof on tools side?

Not sure it is still working, though. Its about 9 years since I wrote
and used it.


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