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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v7 34/49] x86emul: add high register S/G test cases

In order to verify that in particular the index register decoding works
correctly in the S/G emulation paths, add dedicated (64-bit only) cases
disallowing the compiler to use the lower registers. Other than in the
generic SIMD case, where occasional uses of %xmm or %ymm registers in
generated code cause various internal compiler errors when disallowing
use of all of the lower 16 registers (apparently due to insn templates
trying to use AVX2 encodings), doing so here in the AVX512F case looks
to be fine.

While the main goal here is the AVX512F case, add an AVX2 variant as

Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@xxxxxxxx>
v6: New.

--- a/tools/tests/x86_emulator/Makefile
+++ b/tools/tests/x86_emulator/Makefile
@@ -150,6 +150,12 @@ $(foreach flavor,$(SIMD) $(FMA),$(eval $
 $(foreach flavor,$(SG),$(eval $(call simd-sg-defs,$(flavor))))
 $(foreach flavor,$(OPMASK),$(eval $(call opmask-defs,$(flavor))))
+first-string = $(shell for s in $(1); do echo "$$s"; break; done)
+avx2-sg-cflags-x86_64    := "-D_high $(foreach n,7 6 5 4 3 2 
1,-ffixed-ymm$(n)) $(call first-string,$(avx2-sg-cflags))"
+avx512f-sg-cflags-x86_64 := "-D_higher $(foreach n,7 6 5 4 3 2 
1,-ffixed-zmm$(n)) $(call first-string,$(avx512f-sg-cflags))"
+avx512f-sg-cflags-x86_64 += "-D_highest $(foreach n,15 14 13 12 11 10 9 
8,-ffixed-zmm$(n)) $(call first-string,$(avx512f-sg-cflags-x86_64))"
 $(addsuffix .h,$(TESTCASES)): %.h: %.c testcase.mk Makefile
        rm -f $@.new $*.bin
        $(foreach arch,$(filter-out $(XEN_COMPILE_ARCH),x86_32) 
--- a/tools/tests/x86_emulator/test_x86_emulator.c
+++ b/tools/tests/x86_emulator/test_x86_emulator.c
@@ -266,6 +266,9 @@ static const struct {
     SIMD(AVX2 S/G i64[4x32],  avx2_sg,    32x4i8),
     SIMD(AVX2 S/G i32[4x64],  avx2_sg,    32x8i4),
     SIMD(AVX2 S/G i64[4x64],  avx2_sg,    32x8i8),
+#ifdef __x86_64__
+    SIMD_(64, AVX2 S/G %ymm8+, avx2_sg,     high),
     SIMD(XOP 128bit single,       xop,      16f4),
     SIMD(XOP 256bit single,       xop,      32f4),
     SIMD(XOP 128bit double,       xop,      16f8),
@@ -303,6 +306,10 @@ static const struct {
     SIMD(AVX512F S/G i64[ 8x32], avx512f_sg, 64x4i8),
     SIMD(AVX512F S/G i32[ 8x64], avx512f_sg, 64x8i4),
     SIMD(AVX512F S/G i64[ 8x64], avx512f_sg, 64x8i8),
+#ifdef __x86_64__
+    SIMD_(64, AVX512F S/G %zmm8+, avx512f_sg, higher),
+    SIMD_(64, AVX512F S/G %zmm16+, avx512f_sg, highest),
     AVX512VL(VL f32x4,        avx512f,      16f4),
     AVX512VL(VL f64x2,        avx512f,      16f8),
     AVX512VL(VL f32x8,        avx512f,      32f4),

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