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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v7 00/49] x86emul: remaining AVX512 support

01: rename evex.br to evex.brs
02: support AVX512{F,BW} shift/rotate insns
03: support AVX512{F,BW,DQ} extract insns
04: support AVX512{F,BW,DQ} insert insns
05: basic AVX512F testing
06: support AVX512{F,BW,DQ} integer broadcast insns
07: basic AVX512VL testing
08: support AVX512{F,BW} zero- and sign-extending moves
09: support AVX512{F,BW} down conversion moves
10: support AVX512{F,BW} integer unpack insns
11: support AVX512{F,BW,_VBMI} full permute insns
12: support AVX512{F,BW} integer shuffle insns
13: support AVX512{BW,DQ} mask move insns
14: basic AVX512BW testing
15: basic AVX512DQ testing
16: support AVX512F move high/low insns
17: support AVX512F move duplicate insns
18: support AVX512{F,BW,VBMI} permute insns
19: support AVX512BW pack insns
20: support AVX512F floating-point conversion insns
21: support AVX512F legacy-equivalent packed int/FP conversion insns
22: support AVX512F legacy-equivalent scalar int/FP conversion insns
23: support AVX512DQ packed quad-int/FP conversion insns
24: support AVX512{F,DQ} uint-to-FP conversion insns
25: support AVX512{F,DQ} FP-to-uint conversion insns
26: support remaining AVX512F legacy-equivalent insns
27: support remaining AVX512BW legacy-equivalent insns
28: support AVX512{F,ER} reciprocal insns
29: support AVX512F floating point manipulation insns
30: support AVX512DQ floating point manipulation insns
31: support AVX512{F,_VBMI2} compress/expand insns
32: support remaining misc AVX512{F,BW} insns
33: support AVX512F gather insns
34: add high register S/G test cases
35: support AVX512F scatter insns
36: support AVX512PF insns
37: support AVX512CD insns
38: complete support of AVX512_VBMI insns
39: support of AVX512* population count insns
40: support of AVX512_IFMA insns
41: support remaining AVX512_VBMI2 insns
42: support AVX512_4FMAPS insns
43: support AVX512_4VNNIW insns
44: support AVX512_VNNI insns
45: support VPCLMULQDQ insns
46: support VAES insns
47: support GFNI insns
48: restore ordering within main switch statement
49: tools: re-sync CPUID leaf 7 tables

This adds support for all AVX512* insns in SDM rev 068 as well as
for those from ISA extensions rev 035. Besides a few added patches
the main change from v6 are fixes mostly pointed out by a few days
of fuzzing with afl.


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