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Re: [Xen-devel] Guest Testing in OSSTEST - What distros and versions should we test against

>>> On 10.05.19 at 03:28, <lars.kurth.xen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> following a discussion with committers about Guest testing in OSSTEST, it 
> surfaced that we have not updated what distros we test in OSSTEST for a very 
> long time. All agreed that we should regularly review what we test against: 
> maybe at the beginning of a release cycle
> In any case, currently we test against
> x86 HVM guests:
>   debian-9.4.0-{i386,amd64}-CD-1.iso
>   rhel-server-6.1-i386-dvd.iso
>   win10v1703-x86.iso
>   win7-x64.iso
>   ws16-x64.iso
>   FreeBSD-10.1-CUSTOM-{i386,amd64}-20150525.raw.xz

Testing fixed snapshots (commonly the original release afaict) instead
of latest updates is pretty meaningless imo. While I would like to
recommend testing all the (active) distros of parties actively involved
in Xen development, I have to admite that I have no idea at all how
this would work for e.g. our SLE versions (such that latest bits would
get tested).

>   Debian HVM {i386,amd64} via debian-installer netinst [1]
> x86 PV guests:
>   Debian PV {i386,amd64} via debian-installer netinst [1]
> ARM guests:
>   Debian PV via debian-installer netinst [1]
> [1] whatever Debian release osstest itself mostly runs
> So I am opening the floor to suggestions.
> With regards to Windows testing we have some restrictions. We have tried 
> several times to buy additional test licenses, but this never went anywhere 
> (some of the VM licenses are not available for our environment, unless you 
> bulk buy, which is very expensive). The only approach that would allow us to 
> test against different windows versions would be to require everyone who may 
> touch OSSTEST which is not doable.
> I can bring this up with the MS open source office, if there are strong 
> feelings about this and try again

If there's at least a (not overly) small chance of succeeding, I think this
may be worth it, unless Rich's suggestion already helps.


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