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Re: [Xen-devel] [xen-4.11-testing test] 136385: regressions - FAIL

Hi Ian,

On 5/20/19 5:04 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
Julien Grall writes ("Re: [xen-4.11-testing test] 136385: regressions - FAIL"):
Before the last 2 flights, the kernel was compiled natively. Now it is
cross-compiled on x86 machine. So there are a difference in the way the kernel
is built.

That is indeed suspicious.

Could we try a flight with kernel built from the cubietruck?

I had to do some work on the tooling, but I think I have this running
now.  136626/136627.  I may need to restart it...

@Ian: I didn't see test result in my inbox for those 2 flights. Was there any issues with them?

On a side note, I noticed that the name of the file [1] leads to think it is a
gzip, but it is actually a plain text.

200 OK
Connection: close
Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 16:00:38 GMT
Accept-Ranges: bytes
ETag: "3fba-5892bd4a5e8c7"
Server: Apache/2.4.25 (Debian)
Content-Encoding: x-gzip
Content-Length: 16314
Content-Type: application/x-gzip
Last-Modified: Sat, 18 May 2019 16:17:07 GMT
Client-Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 16:00:38 GMT
Client-Response-Num: 1


This is wrong.  It is saying that it is going to send a gzipped

Thank you for looking at it!


Julien Grall

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