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[Xen-devel] Stable trees (4.6 and 4.7), building on stretch, osstest, redux

Ian Jackson writes ("[PATCH STABLE] tools/firmware: update OVMF Makefile, when 
> Now done, including for staging-4.6.  4.6 is out of security support,
> but osstest wants to be able to build 4.6 so that it can test
> migration from 4.6 to 4.7, and 4.7 *is* still (just about) in security
> support.
> I expect the 4.6 push gate to fail and to have to force push it.
> It is also possible that we will experience other build fallout.

I am still struggling with this.  4.7 and 4.6 still do not build.
Right now there are two problems that need thought:

1. That old ipxe is just too badly broken.  I spent a long while
trying to backport compiler fixes but it is totally ridiculous.  IMO
our only sensible option is to update at least osstest's buildsx to a
much newer ipxe.

This could be done by cherry picking
       ipxe: update to newer commit
(which is from xen 4.8 ish) onto our 4.7 and 4.6 branches.

If this is felt too intrusive, then I could somehow make it
conditional and have osstest use it.  This is not entirely trivial
because we have an ad hoc patch application thing.

I'm sort of tempted to have osstest arbitrarily run
   git cherry-pick 38ab99b26bf4298a33105ec66f3f6a3f7e05a326
at some appropriate point...

2. hvmloader fails to build, I think because we need
      errno: introduce EISDIR/EROFS/ENOTEMPTY to the ABI
      errno: declare aliases using XEN_ERRNO()
      public/errno: Reduce complexity of inclusion
      hvmloader: use xen/errno.h rather than the host systems errno.h

Is backporting that lot OK ?

There are also some simple backports we need:
     libfsimage: replace deprecated readdir_r() with readdir()
     libxl: replace deprecated readdir_r() with readdir()
     stubdom: make GMP aware that it's being cross-compiled
      stubdom: fix stubdom-vtpm build

With all of the above, 4.6 builds again.  I guess 4.7 will too.

Fixing that will also probably enable the 4.8 push gate to pass.  It
is currently blocked because it wants to test 4.7->4.8 migration and
can't build 4.7.


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