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Re: [PATCH] sched: print information about scheduler granularity

On 16.04.20 18:43, Dario Faggioli wrote:
On Thu, 2020-04-16 at 09:33 +0100, Sergey Dyasli wrote:
Currently it might be not obvious which scheduling mode is being used
by the scheduler. Alleviate this by printing additional information
about the selected granularity.

I like the idea. However, I don't like how verbose and long that line

  Messages now look like these:

1. boot
(XEN) [00089808f0ea7496] Using scheduler: SMP Credit Scheduler
(credit) in core-scheduling mode

2. xl debug-keys r
(XEN) [   45.914314] Scheduler: SMP Credit Scheduler (credit) in 2-
way core-scheduling mode

What about adding an entry, just below these ones. Something looking
like, for instance (both at boot and in the debug-key dump):

"Scheduling granularity: cpu"

(or "core", or "socket")


--- a/xen/common/sched/cpupool.c
+++ b/xen/common/sched/cpupool.c
@@ -38,7 +38,35 @@ static cpumask_t cpupool_locked_cpus;
  static DEFINE_SPINLOCK(cpupool_lock);
static enum sched_gran __read_mostly opt_sched_granularity =
-static unsigned int __read_mostly sched_granularity = 1;
+static unsigned int __read_mostly sched_granularity;
+char *sched_gran_str(char *str, size_t size)
+    char *mode = "";
+    switch ( opt_sched_granularity )
+    {
+    case SCHED_GRAN_cpu:
+        mode = "cpu";
+        break;
+    case SCHED_GRAN_core:
+        mode = "core";
+        break;
+    case SCHED_GRAN_socket:
+        mode = "socket";
+        break;
+    default:
+        break;
+    }
+    if ( sched_granularity )
+        snprintf(str, size, "%u-way %s", sched_granularity, mode);

I'm not sure about using the value of the enum like this.

enum? sched_granularity holds the number of cpus per scheduling
resource. opt_sched_granularity is the enum.

E.g., in a system with 4 threads per core, enabling core scheduling
granularity would mean having 4 vCPUs in the scheduling units. But this
will still print "2-way core-scheduling", which I think would sound

It would print "4-way", of course.

So I'd just go with "cpu", "core" and "socket" strings.

No, this is not a good idea. With e.g. smt=0 you'll be able to have
"1-way core" which is much more informative than "core".




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