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Re: [Xen ARM64] Save coredump log when xen/dom0 crash on ARM64?


On 02/07/2020 02:41, jinchen wrote:
Hello xen experts:

Is there any way to save xen and dom0 core dump log when xen or dom0 crash on ARM64 platform?

Usually all the crash stack trace (Xen and Dom0) should be output on the Xen Console.

     I find that the kdump seems can't run on ARM64 platform?

We don't have support for kdump/kexec on Arm in Xen yet.

     Are there any patches or other way to achive this goal?

I am not aware of any patches, but they would be welcomed.

For other way, it depends what exactly you expect. Do you need more than the stack trace?


Julien Grall



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