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Re: Kexec and libxenctlr.so

Hi Wei,

On 26/06/2020 12:08, Wei Liu wrote:
On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 03:57:37PM +0100, Julien Grall wrote:
Hi all,

kexec-tools has an option to load dynamically libxenctlr.so (not .so.4.x)
(see [1]).

Given that the library has never been considered stable, it is probably a
disaster that is waiting to happen.

Looking at the tree kexec is using the follow libxc functions:
    - xc_kexec_get_range()
    - xc_kexec_load()
    - xc_kexec_unload()
    - xc_kexec_status()
    - xc_kexec_exec()
    - xc_version()
    - xc_interface_open()
    - xc_interface_close()
    - xc_get_max_cpus()
    - xc_get_machine_memory_map()

I think it is uncontroversial that we want a new stable library for all the
xc_kexec_* functions (maybe libxenexec)?

That sounds fine to me.

Looking at the list of functions, all the xc_kexec_* ones are probably
already rather stable.

That's my understanding as well.

Although, we may want to rethink some of the hypercalls (such as KEXEC_cmd_kexec_get_range) in the future as they have different layout between 32-bit and 64-bit. Thanksfully this wasn't exposed outside of libxc, so it shouldn't be an issue to have a stable library.

For xc_interface_open / close, they are perhaps used only to obtain an
xc handle such that it can be used to make hypercalls. You new kexec
library is going to expose its own handle with a xencall handle wrapped
inside, so you can do away with an xc handle.

I have already a PoC for the new library. I had to tweak a bit the list of helpers as some use hypercalls arguments directly. Below, the proposed interface:

/* Callers who don't care don't need to #include <xentoollog.h> */
struct xentoollog_logger;

typedef struct xenkexec_handle xenkexec_handle;

typedef struct xenkexec_segments xenkexec_segments;

xenkexec_handle *xenkexec_open(struct xentoollog_logger *logger,
                               unsigned int open_flags);
int xenkexec_close(xenkexec_handle *khdl);

int xenkexec_exec(xenkexec_handle *khdl, int type);
int xenkexec_get_range(xenkexec_handle *khdl, int range, int nr,
                       uint64_t *size, uint64_t *start);
int xenkexec_load(xenkexec_handle *khdl, uint8_t type, uint16_t arch,
                  uint64_t entry_maddr, uint32_t nr_segments,
                  xenkexec_segments *segments);
int xenkexec_unload(xenkexec_handle *khdl, int type);
int xenkexec_status(xenkexec_handle *khdl, int type);

xenkexec_segments *xenkexec_allocate_segments(xenkexec_handle *khdl,
                                              unsigned int nr);
void xenkexec_free_segments(xenkexec_handle *khdl, xenkexec_segments *segs);

int xenkexec_update_segment(xenkexec_handle *khdl, xenkexec_segments *segs,
unsigned int idx, void *buffer, size_t buffer_size,
                            uint64_t dest_maddr, size_t dest_size);

However I am not entirely sure where to put the others.

I am thinking to introduce libxensysctl for xc_get_max_cpus() as it is a
XEN_SYSCTL. We could possibly include xc_get_machine_memory_map() (despite
it is a XENMEM_).

Introducing an libxensysctl before we stabilise sysctl interface seems
wrong to me. We can bury the call inside libxenkexec itself for the time

That would work for me.

For xc_version(), I am thinking to extend libxentoolcore to also include
"stable xen API".

If you can do without an xc handle, do you still need to call

Looking at kexec, xc_version() is used by crashdump to determine which architecture is used by Xen (in this case 32-bit x86 vs 64-bit x86).

The was introcuded by commit:

commit cdbc9b011fe43407908632d842e3a39e495e48d9
Author: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Fri Mar 16 10:10:24 2007 +0000

Set crash dump ELF header e_machine field based on underlying hypervisor architecture.

    This is necessary when running Xen with a 64 bit hypervisor and 32 bit
    domain 0 since the CPU crash notes will be 64 bit.

Detecting the hypervisor archiecture requires libxenctrl and therefore this
    support is optional and disabled by default.

    Signed-off-by: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Acked-by: Magnus Damm <magnus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Signed-off-by: Simon Horman <horms@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

As we drop support for 32-bit Xen quite a long time ago, we may be able to remove the call to xc_version().


Julien Grall



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