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RE: Porting Xen to Jetson Nano

> I struggled to find your comment inline as your e-mail client doesn't 
> quote my answer. Please configure your e-mail client to use some form 
> of quoting (the usual is '>').
> [<SB>] Done! Sorry about that.

Thanks this is a good start. Unfortunately, it doesn't fully help it when you 
have a reply split accross multiple line. This is become more proeminent after 
a few back and forth. Which e-mail client are you using?

[<SB>] I'm using Microsoft Outlook

> [<SB>] OK, I started porting the patch series to 4.14, but it is 
> definitely not straightforward ;) Will take some time to do this. BTW, 
> I was looking at xen/arch/arm/Rules.mk in 4.14 and it is blank. The 
> previous releases had some board-specific stuff in this file - esp the 
> EARLY_PRINTK definitions.
> Has this changed in 4.14?

earlyprintk can now be configured using Kconfig. This should be easier to 
configure as you can do it the same way as you would for other options.

[<SB>] Thanks. Yes, I noticed this change. I'm working on applying the patches 
and will get back with an update in a day or two.




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