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[OSSTEST PATCH v2 00/13] Immediately retry failing tests

We discussed this at the Xen Summit.  What I do here is immediate
retry the jobs with regressions, and then reanalyse the original full
flight.  If the retries showed the failures were heisenbugs, this will
let them though.

This should reduce the negative impact on development, of heisenbugs,
but it won't do anything to help keep them out of the tree.

This series has now had proper dev testing (insofar as possible for
something of this nature) and I will be pushing it to pretest shortly.

Ian Jackson (17):
  Honour OSSTEST_SIMULATE=2 to actually run dummy flight
  Honour OSSTEST_SIMULATE_FAIL in sg-run-job
  sg-report-flight: Consider all blessings for "never pass"
  mg-execute-flight: Do not include the transcript in reports
  sg-report-job-history: eval $DAILY_BRANCH_PREEXEC_HOOK
  cri-args-hostlists: New debug var $OSSTEST_REPORT_JOB_HISTORY_RUN
  cri-args-hostlists: Break out report_flight and publish_logs
  sg-report-flight: Break out printout_flightheader
  sg-report-flight: Provide --refer-to-flight option
  sg-report-flight: Nicer output for --refer-to-flight option
  Introduce real-retry blessing
  cri-args-hostlists: Move flight_html_dir variable
  cr-daily-branch: Immediately retry failing tests
  Honour OSSTEST_SIMULATE_FAIL_RETRY for immediate retries
  cr-daily-branch: Do not do immediate retry of failing xtf flights
  sg-report-flight: Include count of blockers, and of jobs, in mro
  cr-daily-branch: Heuristics for when to do immediate retest flight

 README.dev          |  9 +++---
 cr-daily-branch     | 73 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 cr-disk-report      |  2 +-
 cr-try-bisect       |  4 +--
 cr-try-bisect-adhoc |  2 +-
 cri-args-hostlists  | 28 +++++++++++------
 cs-bisection-step   |  4 +--
 mg-execute-flight   |  3 --
 sg-report-flight    | 42 +++++++++++++++++++++-----
 sg-run-job          |  9 +++++-
 10 files changed, 143 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)




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