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[PATCH v2 0/8] evtchn: recent XSAs follow-on

These are grouped into a series largely because of their origin,
not so much because there are heavy dependencies among them.
Compared to v1, besides there being 3 new patches, some
re-ordering has been done; in particular the last patch isn't
ready yet, but I still wanted to include it to have a chance to
discuss what changes to make. See also the individual patches.

1: avoid race in get_xen_consumer()
2: replace FIFO-specific header by generic private one
3: rename and adjust guest_enabled_event()
4: let evtchn_set_priority() acquire the per-channel lock
5: drop acquiring of per-channel lock from send_guest_{global,vcpu}_virq()
6: convert vIRQ lock to an r/w one
7: convert domain event lock to an r/w one
8: don't call Xen consumer callback with per-channel lock held




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