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Re: [Xen-devel] [XEN PATCH for-4.13 v7 01/11] libxl: Offer API versions 0x040700 and 0x040800

On Wed, Oct 23, Ian Jackson wrote:

> 0x040700 was introduced in 304400459ef0 (aka 4.7.0-rc1~481)
> 0x040800 was introduced in 57f8b13c7240 (aka 4.8.0-rc1~437)

> Anyway, in the meantime, we should fix it.  Backporting this is
> probably a good idea: it won't change the behaviour for existing
> callers but it will avoid errors for some older correct uses.

> +    LIBXL_API_VERSION != 0x040700 && LIBXL_API_VERSION != 0x040800 && \

Why was this never backported to staging-4.12 and older?
Please backport it to assist libvirt.


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