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Re: [Xen-devel] [XEN PATCH for-4.13 v7 01/11] libxl: Offer API versions 0x040700 and 0x040800

On 26.10.2020 17:42, Olaf Hering wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 23, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> 0x040700 was introduced in 304400459ef0 (aka 4.7.0-rc1~481)
>> 0x040800 was introduced in 57f8b13c7240 (aka 4.8.0-rc1~437)
>> Anyway, in the meantime, we should fix it.  Backporting this is
>> probably a good idea: it won't change the behaviour for existing
>> callers but it will avoid errors for some older correct uses.
>> +    LIBXL_API_VERSION != 0x040700 && LIBXL_API_VERSION != 0x040800 && \
> Why was this never backported to staging-4.12 and older?
> Please backport it to assist libvirt.

I'm afraid the request comes too late for 4.12 (branch now
closed for its final stable release to be cut) and older
(already in security-only mode).




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