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Re: [PATCH] xen/decompress: make helper symbols static

On 18.01.2021 17:09, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Jan Beulich writes ("[PATCH] xen/decompress: make helper symbols static"):
>> The individual decompression CUs need to only surface their top level
>> functions to other code. Arrange for everything else to be static, to
>> make sure no undue uses of that code exist or will appear without
>> explicitly noticing. (In some cases this also results in code size
>> reduction, but since this is all init-only code this probably doesn't
>> matter very much.)
>> In the LZO case also take the opportunity and convert u8 where lines
>> get touched anyway.
> AFAICT, this patch
> * was first posted after the last posting date for Xen 4.15.
> * is not a bugfix.
> In which case it has missed 4.15.
> Please correct me if you think I am wrong.

You aren't, and I don't view this as a big problem - its more of
an aid to be sure no bad (unintended) references exist (Arm's
unhelpful re-use of xz's CRC32 function triggered the change). I
can surely hold this back until 4.16 opens, hoping it won't
collide with the zstd decompression work I'm now doing on the
DomU side (lack which, if you agree with Andrew's assessment, is
more a bug fix than a feature addition).

But yes - I will need to remind myself to filter what is eligible
for committing, from now on until the branch point.




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