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Re: [PATCH v3 00/15] zstd decompression for DomU-s + fallout / consolidation

On 26.01.2021 13:05, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Jan Beulich writes ("[PATCH v3 00/15] zstd decompression for DomU-s + fallout 
> / consolidation"):
>> Only patches 1 and 2 are strictly intended for 4.15, paralleling
>> the recent Dom0 side work (and re-using many of the files
>> introduced there, for the stubdom build), but ones up to at least
>> patch 6 may still want considering (and 4 already has a release
>> ack).
> Thanks.
>> 01: libxenguest: add get_unaligned_le32()
>> 02: libxenguest: support zstd compressed kernels
> So these two are fine.
>> 03: xen/decompress: make helper symbols static
>> 04: libxenguest: "standardize" LZO kernel decompression code
>> 05: libxenguest: drop redundant decompression declarations
>> 06: libxenguest: simplify kernel decompression
> I approve of cleanups of course.  But:
> Which of these cleanups were posted before the LPD ?  I'm not
> currently aware of any reason for a freeze exception here, so I think
> those patches which didn't meet the LPD should wait.  Ones which *did*
> meet the LPD should be considered on their merits.
> If you could direct me to which those are I would be happy to review
> them.

All of them were posted after that date; only the Dom0 zstd
decompression part was ready in time. I view this entire
series as a logical extension to the earlier patches though.
I'm unsure anyway how new patches in a previously submitted
series would be treated in general; so far I've been under
the impression that if in doubt the series as a whole would
count, not every individual patch.

As said (still visible above) I'm not meaning to insist on
patches 3 and onwards to be taken. In fact it was you to
ask whether patch 3 would possibly want a freeze exception.
And you did give patch 4 a release ack already, based on it
containing a bug fix. (The latter is true of patch 6 as
well, btw.) Are you implying you withdraw that release ack

While we're at this - how are bug fixes to be treated in
this two week window? Do they need a release ack too if
they did miss the LPD? I'm asking with specifically
"xen/include: compat/xlat.h may change with .config
changes" in mind, but there may be others, like Roger's
3-patch series posted today, which I intend to look at
rather sooner than later.

>> 07: gunzip: drop INIT{,DATA} and STATIC
> I release-nacked this because I saw you posted it with this Subject
>   Subject: [PATCH v3 01/15] gunzip: drop INIT{,DATA} and STATIC
> which made me think you were targeting it for 4.15.  If not then fine.

FAOD - indeed it was a mistake of mine and was meant to
be 07/15.




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