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Re: Xen 4.16: Proposed release manager and schedule

On 24.08.21 15:38, Ian Jackson wrote:
Julien Grall writes ("Re: Xen 4.16: Proposed release manager and schedule"):
On 19/08/2021 16:36, Ian Jackson wrote:
One option is to slip the whole release, in the expectation (hope!) of
collecting more input.  In practical terms because of the impact of
Christmas and New Year on many of our contributors, a month's slip now
is probably more like two months' slip to the release.  So arguably
for this to be worth it, we ought to plan to slip 2 months now and
release in February.

A 2 months slip looks appealling to get more features. But it means we
will end up to split all the future releases.

No, it wouldn't, really.  Our usual release interval is 9 months.

8 months (that's what I suggested in my time as a release manager and
what was approved and never changed "officially").

9+2 = 11, so the result would be a one month longer release, if we
delayed this one by 2 months.  In practice it is always a bit of a
struggle to keep things to time (that's the way things are set up with
this system) so I think this is well within our usual tolerances.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not arguing in favour of this option.
But I wanted to present it as a reasonable option the community might
want to consider.

Jan, do you have an opnion about this ?  Do you expect that a 2-3
month slip would help with your review backlog, bearing in mind the
people who are currently on leave and when they'll be back ?

If no-one wishes to argue in favour of the longer slip I think we
should go with the normal plan.

At the moment, my preference is to stick with the release in December.
We don't have major contributions checked in yet on Arm, but there is a
chance to have a couple of them with the current schedule on Arm.

We also have a collection of bug fixes which makes Arm running better on
some platform.

So I think the release would still be worthwhile even in the worst case
where nothing major is merged.

Thanks for the opinion.

Can I at least get a +1 from someone for appointing me as RM
for 4.16 ? :-)

+1 :-)


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