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Re: [PATCH] Config: use Mini-OS master for xen-unstable

Juergen Gross writes ("Re: [PATCH] Config: use Mini-OS master for 
> How do you suggest to proceed then?
> Will every Mini-OS commit require to be followed by a Xen commit then,
> which will either result in a test success, or in a revert of that Xen
> commit?

That is how the current arrangement works.  That's strict coupling.

If you want to decouple it, that's possible.  Ie, run a separate
osstest "branch" (ie, series of flights) for mini-os; have a separate
osstest-tested mini-os output branch, etc.

Wei, if we were to do that, should we have a "staging" and "main" for
mini-os in the main mini-os tree, or what ?




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