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Re: [PATCH 1/2] include/public: add possible status values to usbif.h

On 27.09.21 10:27, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 27.09.2021 10:20, Juergen Gross wrote:
On 27.09.21 10:13, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 24.09.2021 17:04, Juergen Gross wrote:
The interface definition of PV USB devices is lacking the specification
of possible values of the status filed in a response. Those are
negative errno values as used in Linux, so they might differ in other
OS's. Specify them via appropriate defines.

What if new errno values got used by the driver? Would we alter the
public header every time? Or is the likelihood of further values ever
getting used vanishingly small? In how far would it be possible to tie
these to Xen's public/errno.h instead?

Those are the current values returned by the backend. Other ones used
internally in the backend should IMO tried to be mapped to the values
defined in the interface specification.

In which case I'd like to reword my question: Is the set of values added
sufficiently rich? There's e.g. no ENOMEM equivalent.

Those are mapped to ESHUTDOWN today.

One other observation: Why is this header using tab indentation? This is
by far the largest (albeit sadly not the only) of the style violators in

Good question. This seems to date back to its introduction back in

I can add a style fixup patch to the series.


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