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Re: [xen-unstable test] 164996: regressions - FAIL

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: [xen-unstable test] 164996: regressions - FAIL"):
> Thanks.  The attachment didn't git-am but I managed to make a tree
> with it in (but a bogus commit message).
> I have a repro of 165218 test-arm64-arm64-libvirt-raw (that's the last
> xen-unstable flight) running.  If all goes well it will rebuild Linux
> from my branch (new flight 165241) and then run the test using that
> kernel (new flight 165242).  I have told it to report to the people on
> this thread (and the list).
> It will probably report in an hour or two (since it needs to rebuild a
> kernel and then negotiate to get a host to run the repro on).
> I didn't ask it to keep the host for me, but it ought to publish the
> logs and as I say, send an email report here.

Restarted as 165323 and 165324.  Maybe the thing won't catch fire this
time.  Unusual consequences for a small kernel patch :-).




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