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Re: [PATCH v5 07/11] xen/domctl: Introduce XEN_DOMCTL_CDF_vpci flag

Andrew Cooper writes ("Re: [PATCH v5 07/11] xen/domctl: Introduce 
XEN_DOMCTL_CDF_vpci flag"):
> Ian, for the 4.16 release, this series either needs completing with the
> additional flag implemented, or this patch needs reverting to avoid us
> shipping a broken interface.

I have caught up on this thread.  I think (hope?) it's converging.
If not please let me know and maybe I can help.

Can I ask to please be CC'd on the whole series for the patch(es) to
sort this out.  Please also make sure that those who commented are
CC'd.  I want the fixes that ultimately get committed to be the final
fixes (probably that means they should have consensus).

FTAOD, from a formal release management point of view: I regard those
putative fixes as bugfixes so they can go in after the feature freeze
(which is this Friday).  But if suitable fixes don't make it in within
the first few weeks of the freeze (and, as I expect, the maintainers
or I still regard this as an RC bug) then a revert of the new feature
will be the only option.




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